Look Into My Eye

Hi there, my name is Brian, I'm a Leo and I enjoy long walks on the beach during sunset...

Now that the personal stuff is out of the way, on to what's important... I started college in the VCU art program experimenting in all sorts of rigorous fine art applications. After a year and a half of art foundation boot camp I decided to transfer to JMU to pursue a degree in 3D Computer Animation. Despite getting my degree in 3D animation and following through on my life-long ambition to work for Pixar, I focused on my fine arts background to land an internship at a graphic design firm in Richmond, VA. I learned a lot about the design field, but felt that I wasn't being sufficiently challenged in the environment. So, later that year I took a chance and applied to be a web designer and well, I guess they saw potential, because I was hired that same afternoon. After working at ActiveNation for about a year, I decided to move up to a slightly larger company for more web experience and a fast-paced atmosphere. I worked for Richmond.com as a Design and Technology Manager. It was a great challenge and provided me with a ton of experience. I wanted to try my hand in a larger corporate environment, so now I am currently working for Capital One as a Front-end user interface designer. One day I intend to start my own company where I can tackle any and all of people's design needs. Until then, like most people — I'm just slaving away for The Man.

Thank you for visiting my site and showing an interest in my work. If you like what you see on the pages that follow, feel free to drop me a line by visiting my contact page or emailing me at bdillon@bdesign.us.